Monday, March 8, 2010

What a weekend...

I am so glad to see this Monday morning arrive for a start to a brand new week. This past weekend was something else. Cody had his bday party scheduled for Saturday. It was originally planned for the first of Feb but b/c of mother nature dumping 2 feet of snow on us and shutting everything down- we had to re-schedule it. The party was planned at this place with roller skating and laser tag. We opted out to do roller skating b/c I just didn't want to take the chance of some child falling and getting hurt. (A couple of years ago, Jaima fell while ice skating and ended up with 7 stitches in her lip- although it was ice skating- I still get nervous about skating rinks....) So, we signed up for two laser games instead. We go in for our time to play the game. This was my first time to ever play a laser game and I have to admit- it was fun. I was a chicken though and would never move out of my corner. Everyone else was all over the course blasting away. Jaima thought she'd be slick and run down the side of the wall and turn to take me out.... while she was running down the side of a wall- she turned to shoot her laser gun and leaned into the wall for support. There was a screw... not the pointy side out- but the fat flat side pointing out of the wall. She managed to puncture a hole into her arm and create a really ugly sight on her shoulder. I walk out with her and check it out.... and ooo eee... it was nasty!!! I knew immediately it needed stitches. Thank goodness we only had 45 min left to the party- and that 45 min was the time in the party room doing cake and presents. So, I hated to leave and miss out. She was able to sit tightly until the party was over b/f heading over to the ER to have it looked at. After arriving at the ER- they took x-rays and found out that it punctured her muscle as well. After spending what felt like forever at the ER- she ended up with 4 stitches and a really nice bruise on her shoulder.
NOW.... after all this was said and done- the more I think about the incident the more irritated I get. This facility didn't even have a first aid kit on the premises. They handed me a towel from the snack bar- I was in such a panic I didn't even take time to stop and think if it was clean like they claimed for it to be... They didn't even check on us b/f we left the facility- so I think I just might make me a phone call and request I get a refund for the cost of the party- and this wasn't no cheap party- most expensive bday party we've had for either kids in 13 yrs!! I'm not looking to "sue" this place- I am just irate about how they were not only unprepared to treat someone with an injury but their lack of concern after seeing for them self how bad the puncture to her arm was. I think they could've at least offered a discount of some sort!
What a weekend.... like I said- I am so glad this beautiful Monday morning has arrived!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Get-a-way!

Don't we all need one of these every so often? It's nice to go away but then there is so much work involved to get away and once you return. It's all worth it to me though!
We have some friends that we met in Groton, CT. They left Groton and moved to WA state. We moved to WA state too. Then, we left and moved to VA. They moved to VA too. It's so cool how the submarine family is small enough that eventually you always end up somewhere with someone from the past. While we lived in Groton with our friends- John & Casey- they took us up to New Hampshire to a house that John's family owns. We hung out for the weekend, hiked, and enjoyed one another's fellowship. Jamie and John work together in D.C- so John told Jamie that the house was available if we'd like to get-a-way and enjoy it for a weekend. John & Casey couldn't go b/c she was due with her 3rd any day. So, we took off with some other friends and went to New Hampshire. This trip is an 8-9 hour trip. We left Fri around 4:30. BAD MISTAKE living here around the D.C area. We live about 30 miles from D.C- got over to D.C to head north on I-495 and we were at a stand still of traffic. We knew it would be slow but not a dead stand still. Jamie had a "clever idea" to take another route THROUGH D.C. He was wrong. Traffic there was just as bad- not to mention they just received an average of 60 inches of snow. So, that snow made the roads very narrow. It took us what should've been an hour to get through at the most- 3 hours to get north of D.C. It was a nightmare! We came very very close to turning the vehicle around and heading back to Manassas. So, our 8-9 hour trip to NH turned into a 12 hour trip. We arrived in NH at 4:30 Fri morning. We were exhausted!
After finally waking up on Fri- it was nice to see how nicely snuggled back in the woods we were away from the hustle and bustle of life near D.C. All worth what we'd experienced to get away. We geared up to head over to a ski slope not far from where we stayed. Cody and Jaima have never tried snowboarding- so away they go. What an experience.... Jaima was so frustrated that it was kind of funny. She invited a friend along with her that could snow board and bless her heart- she was so patient with Jaima as she lay on her back in the snow mad as ever with that board. After finally getting down the hill- she was done! Turned in her board and got her some skis and enjoyed the rest of the day. Cody- he was good but he thought he could hop on that board and start jumping rails and ramps immediately. Not as easy as he was thinking- so he became frustrated too and jumped on skis after a few attempts at the board. Saturday we woke and drove about an hour away to Sunnapee Ski Resort. It was HUGE! After finally getting equipment and lift tickets- we headed off to the hills to enjoy another day of skiing. Cody wanted to give snowboarding another try. It was like he was a pro, like he'd been doing it for years.... I was so proud! I can't describe how awesome it was to see him do what he was doing on that board. There was a Terrain Park that had huge ramps of snow and rails to grind. They even had a half pipe... so Cody wanted to hit the Terrain Park. He scared me on that board doing all the tricks he could get in. I would ski half way then stop and wait on him to come down so I could capture some shots of him. It wasn't easy. I had to watch out for those crazy maniacs that are flying through the air. So, I couldn't capture all that I wish I could've. I wish you could've been there to see how crazy this boy was on his board! Jaima was a little dare devil as she jumped the built up snow ramps. I never could capture shots of her b/c she was down that hill b/f I could stop and get my camera out. Jamie and his friend- Jeff was off on the black diamonds acting like they had no sense at all. I was glad I didn't get to see him b/c I think I'd have a heart attack after hearing their crazy stories later on. I don't guess he'll ever think he's too old to slow down a lil'bit.
Our family loves to snow ski. It's not a cheap sport but so worth every penny. There's something about being on top of a mountain and seeing a view that's always breath taking.
Our weekend get-a-way was a lot of work but well worth the time away from home. Enjoy the pics....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost out there somewhere....

I haven't posted anything in such a long long time. I miss blogging. It's nice to jump on here and type down a few random things to share with those that are interested in it- that's you or you wouldn't be here- RIGHT? Blogging is fun especially when you know so many different friends all over this country and have family so far away. Great way to keep up.. ya know?
SO, I am back- I'm ready to start back to blogging and keep you up to date with the life of the Griffith Family. We're still "living" we're still "laughing" we're still "loving" and we're still "exploring life one day at a time." So come back if you are interested and keep up as I start this journey once again. Take care- Michele

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Cody was invited to a paintball party and Jaima tagged along. I've never really cared nothing about paintball until I arrived at this place. They were having a paintball tournament. It was the coolest thing to watch. After all the kids got their equipment- the staff leader led us to the field were the kids would play the game. There were two teams- of course Jaima and Cody were not on the same team so you they were out to get eachother... Jaima wasn't the only girl- there was Aiko- the birthday boy's 16 yr old sister. Her and Jaima were on one team- and the lil'boys that they were teamed up with weren't much help so these two girls were up against 5 boys pretty much on their own. I don't think the boys realized how much work it is to sneak up and take someone out in all the gear they had to wear. They looked like soldiers in training. Jaima was pegged once in the foot,three good times on her upper thigh, and one really bad peg on the back. The boy was right up on her when he shot her in the back- stupid but that's the game. (actually- there's usually a rule that you call "safety kill" if you are that close but it was this boys first time and no rules were set.) It brought her to tears. Cody took her out once... I'll share those photos of that victory win. Cody was pegged once... this kid is a pro. Must be all the practice with the Nerf war games they play in the house EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!! That's another whole different post.... Anyway- here are the pics to show off the fun filled day. Enjoy!

This photo is of Cody sneaking up to peg Jaima that's hiding out in one of those houses.
This is the "victory win" here... can you see the excitement he's sharing?...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This was J's week off at camp. This photo shot above is the only shot I was able to get off the website of her. This shot was captured with a sweet friend of hers from church. Aren't they just too cute- like two peas in a pod. She had a blast but was ready to get home. I missed having her around the house. It's funny how much I realized the help she lends when she's home. She's my helper... not to mention great company to have. Cody and I spent lots of time alone this past week. Jamie was out of town... so it was just me and my "lil'man." Although we missed Jaima and Jamie- it was good to spend time with just the two of us too. Now- we're all back in the house and time to catch up on some laundry... enjoy the pic.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cody at camp...

This is Cody while he was at camp... this photo came from the website that allowed me to upload this to my blog. This is the only photo out of 174 that had him in it... I was a little bummed not to see him in more but that's ok- this will do. His week at camp was a success. When we arrived Sat. he came running across the field and jumped into our arms and said he had a blast and wanted to stay another week. It felt good to know that he had a great time to want to stay away for another week. I couldn't do it though... I wanted him at home. I asked if he had all his stuff together to go home. He pointed up to his cabin and there in front sat all his stuff packed up and ready to go. Boy did it stink- thank goodness for color safe bleach and hot water... it all came out clean and smelling good. He made it home with all his things too. Better than I thought this lil' boy would do. I am so proud of him... his first time away from home and he can't wait for camp next year.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


this is C's first time to ever experience any kind of camp away from home. We drove him out to bible camp this past Sat... he'll spend one week out there. He kept assuring me that he was going to be fine but what kind of mom would I be if I'd not worried one li'bit about him? 1 full week of 0 communication with him :o( Actually, I can communicate with him through email- yes I ask too..."what kind of camp has Internet?" So, maybe I'll take advantage of technology and shoot him an email throughout the week. I sent stamped addressed envelopes with him and told him to write home if he feels the desire. Who knows if he'll take the time to do so...
I just hope he takes a bath (at least by mid-week.) I had my share of "motherly do's and don'ts... bath's EVERY NIGHT but I was told that would more than likely NOT happen... brush his teeth every night- yea ok whatever I know! I asked him to keep his stuff all together and not to lose any of it... heehee- go ahead and laugh. I might as well join ya b/c I doubt that happens either. My list of do's and don'ts went on and on... so I'm anxious to pick him up on Sat. to see how the week went and what he does and doesn't come home with- how he looks and smells. Most of all I cannot wait to hear how much fun he had and the spiritual growth he experienced. He'll always be my baby... but it's time I admit that he's growing up and I must let go of the control. (Well, maybe just SOME teeny bit of control ;o)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

looking back...

we went on a trip recently to AL to see Jamie's sister graduate from high school- this girl was in our wedding when she was 3 and now she's an adult. Time sure does fly by so fast. When you get up in the morning- the thought that time is flying by doesn't cross the mind. We all know it's true but it never really phases anyone until something like this graduation. What really made me realize is this school project that J had to do for Language Arts. She had to come up with one characteristic trait that best describes herself and come up with memories to share from way back to newborn... which meant I had to step in and help her look back. She had one week out of school to think about this trait to get her thoughts together to present. Her teacher suggested she reflect on the trait... honesty. YES- a good one for Jaima for she dislikes a dishonest person- big or small it is a NO NO to her. But, when we started to reflect back to the earlier years of her life- I couldn't come up with anything. In fact, I shared stories with her how she would lie her way out of getting into my lipstick and nail polish- knowing that it was obvious she was all into that stuff. She even lied that she didn't steal a bottle of bath bubbles from a store when I discovered it spilled in my car as we arrive home from the store where she threw a fit for me to buy the stuff. She even tried to convince me one time that she was not the one who wrote all over the wall with a pencil... need I remind you she was not a big sister yet. You get my point... to this day J is a honest person- my prayers are that she stays that way esp through her next 5 yrs but this trait wouldn't take her back in time. SO, the trait we came up with was adaptable. I would think this would be very appropiate for her considering this child is 12 and moved 10x's in 12 yrs from the south to the north, east to the west. A lot to adapt to for someone so young. While brainstorming for this autobiography- I found myself making a timeline of her last 12 yrs. And WOW... reality set in that God truly blessed us with an angel- oh the memories we've made. We started discussing and writing down the memories from the past of how she's had to adapt to her life changing for the last 12 yrs. This project was so much fun and very much needed for I feel like I put the past in the past and never look back. We find that living life one day at a time works well for our family b/c there has been unexpected change that would be hard to deal with if we had our hearts set on what we wanted to remain forever. I think that's what J has done with her life. If she had it her way- she would remain in one area but b/c she does adapt so well and knows in her heart that God leads her to new and better adventures in her life- she's able to be adaptable to change. We found ourself sitting up until 1 in the morning looking through 100's of photos in this box that I've never took the tape off of since a few moves ago. At first I thought was a weird project but wow- this was the best project ever. It made me realize that life shouldn't be taken for granted. God is good... love the ones your with... the past is something to treasure, the present is a gift, and the future is a dream.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day...

OK... so this is the day after but I've been busy all weekend doing Memorial Day celebrations. I think it would only be appropiate for me to post this pic of My Sailor...

I realize that Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember those that have died fighting for our freedom but I can't help but think of those that cont. to do so in some way for the US. Almost 17 yrs it has been since Jamie joined the Navy- who knows what the future holds. If we follow our dreams- he only has 3 left until we join the civilian life. It has been a great 17 yrs... the Navy has taken us many great places, we've made wonderful friendships, and made many memories along the way. Life is good!

So, this weekend we had a picnic out at Camp WAMAVA. This camp is gorgeous... the kids are pumped to go to camp this summer. I captured some great shots of friends having fun out there but the two shots I'm posting are my very own fav...

Sunday we had a cook-out with our neighborhood friends- no photos captured just more memories made.
Monday we drove over to the Shanandoah National Park and hiked 6.5 miles up and down rugged trails with some friends that are neighbors. It was a beautiful day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What they say... I'm laying in bed with J lastnight watching something on Animal Planet. She all of a sudden came out with this...
"I wonder why God made a giraffe's neck so long."
I replied "He had to make some animal reach the leaves at the top of trees." Then I asked..."Why did he make a zebra black and white?" and she replied "b/c they're not racist."
Then we were both laughing so hard. I thought that was a good come back.

Of course I can't just post something w/o a I went back to dig up a pic of J on the computer and I'm sad to say that I do not have any recent good shots of her so that means a photoshoot is due so be on the lookout- in the meantime... enjoy this pic of J when she was in PRESCHOOL!!!! She was 4 yrs old in this pic... it's hard to believe she's now 12.