Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cody at camp...

This is Cody while he was at camp... this photo came from the website that allowed me to upload this to my blog. This is the only photo out of 174 that had him in it... I was a little bummed not to see him in more but that's ok- this will do. His week at camp was a success. When we arrived Sat. he came running across the field and jumped into our arms and said he had a blast and wanted to stay another week. It felt good to know that he had a great time to want to stay away for another week. I couldn't do it though... I wanted him at home. I asked if he had all his stuff together to go home. He pointed up to his cabin and there in front sat all his stuff packed up and ready to go. Boy did it stink- thank goodness for color safe bleach and hot water... it all came out clean and smelling good. He made it home with all his things too. Better than I thought this lil' boy would do. I am so proud of him... his first time away from home and he can't wait for camp next year.

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