Monday, February 22, 2010

Family Get-a-way!

Don't we all need one of these every so often? It's nice to go away but then there is so much work involved to get away and once you return. It's all worth it to me though!
We have some friends that we met in Groton, CT. They left Groton and moved to WA state. We moved to WA state too. Then, we left and moved to VA. They moved to VA too. It's so cool how the submarine family is small enough that eventually you always end up somewhere with someone from the past. While we lived in Groton with our friends- John & Casey- they took us up to New Hampshire to a house that John's family owns. We hung out for the weekend, hiked, and enjoyed one another's fellowship. Jamie and John work together in D.C- so John told Jamie that the house was available if we'd like to get-a-way and enjoy it for a weekend. John & Casey couldn't go b/c she was due with her 3rd any day. So, we took off with some other friends and went to New Hampshire. This trip is an 8-9 hour trip. We left Fri around 4:30. BAD MISTAKE living here around the D.C area. We live about 30 miles from D.C- got over to D.C to head north on I-495 and we were at a stand still of traffic. We knew it would be slow but not a dead stand still. Jamie had a "clever idea" to take another route THROUGH D.C. He was wrong. Traffic there was just as bad- not to mention they just received an average of 60 inches of snow. So, that snow made the roads very narrow. It took us what should've been an hour to get through at the most- 3 hours to get north of D.C. It was a nightmare! We came very very close to turning the vehicle around and heading back to Manassas. So, our 8-9 hour trip to NH turned into a 12 hour trip. We arrived in NH at 4:30 Fri morning. We were exhausted!
After finally waking up on Fri- it was nice to see how nicely snuggled back in the woods we were away from the hustle and bustle of life near D.C. All worth what we'd experienced to get away. We geared up to head over to a ski slope not far from where we stayed. Cody and Jaima have never tried snowboarding- so away they go. What an experience.... Jaima was so frustrated that it was kind of funny. She invited a friend along with her that could snow board and bless her heart- she was so patient with Jaima as she lay on her back in the snow mad as ever with that board. After finally getting down the hill- she was done! Turned in her board and got her some skis and enjoyed the rest of the day. Cody- he was good but he thought he could hop on that board and start jumping rails and ramps immediately. Not as easy as he was thinking- so he became frustrated too and jumped on skis after a few attempts at the board. Saturday we woke and drove about an hour away to Sunnapee Ski Resort. It was HUGE! After finally getting equipment and lift tickets- we headed off to the hills to enjoy another day of skiing. Cody wanted to give snowboarding another try. It was like he was a pro, like he'd been doing it for years.... I was so proud! I can't describe how awesome it was to see him do what he was doing on that board. There was a Terrain Park that had huge ramps of snow and rails to grind. They even had a half pipe... so Cody wanted to hit the Terrain Park. He scared me on that board doing all the tricks he could get in. I would ski half way then stop and wait on him to come down so I could capture some shots of him. It wasn't easy. I had to watch out for those crazy maniacs that are flying through the air. So, I couldn't capture all that I wish I could've. I wish you could've been there to see how crazy this boy was on his board! Jaima was a little dare devil as she jumped the built up snow ramps. I never could capture shots of her b/c she was down that hill b/f I could stop and get my camera out. Jamie and his friend- Jeff was off on the black diamonds acting like they had no sense at all. I was glad I didn't get to see him b/c I think I'd have a heart attack after hearing their crazy stories later on. I don't guess he'll ever think he's too old to slow down a lil'bit.
Our family loves to snow ski. It's not a cheap sport but so worth every penny. There's something about being on top of a mountain and seeing a view that's always breath taking.
Our weekend get-a-way was a lot of work but well worth the time away from home. Enjoy the pics....

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michele said...

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